03 October, 2012

Slightly Different Life ☺

October already~
Time sure goes by fast! 
finally, got time for post this new entry keke

Look what's my new hobby! It's PAPERCRAFT!
I'm super excited with this new hobby
cute, cheap, easy to make
making all these craft really train my patience and neatness

(nintendo DS, you can download the image for print here!)

another papercraft made by me :)

now I'm kinda addicted to Rilakkuma
He is such a super really cute relaxing bear!

Love this re-ment set so much
 (or food miniature? I don't really sure what it's called)
but it's so expensive! and no one sell it in my city anyway

(Want this doll so bad.. gotta buy it this month! :D)

And look again, there's someone who can change my life better now!
I have
(yes, been single for 17 years old) ( T⌣T)
(oh! oh! and he also been single for 17 years old! HAHA)
(it's 108 days already today kekeke)

sandwich with  for him

I'm a freshman now. College life oh
make new friends and learn new things

Faculty of Communication Sciences!

That's it!
A slightly different life!
think I'm gonna cut my hair this month too for new spirit

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