22 September, 2010

Cheerful September! :D

Hello! Halo! Annyeong!
have a fun holiday everyone?
eh? me?
absolutely yes!
In this post I'll prefer spend photos then text.
it's all about my holiday at Pulau Pramuka!
without any bla bli blu,
check this out~! :)

go to Pulau Pramuka, 5 AM
8 September 2010

Snorkling Time!
adaptation with Kang Firman :)

messy BBQ!

It was really fun!

Juju, Ian, Hime, me, Jejes, Jepra
Piya, Susie

That's all from me for today!
too short ya? :(
I don't have much time
because I have an exam tommorow, so, wish me luck guys!
see ya! 

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