02 January, 2012


Romeo & Juliet. Clark & Lois. Seth & Summer. Jack & Rose. Lucas & Peyton. Cory & Topanga. Darcy & Elizabeth. Landon & Jamie. Noah & Allie. Troy & Gabriella. Jullian & Brooke. Beast & Belle. Edward & Bella. Shrek & Fiona. Ron & Hermonie. Ross & Rachel. Cinderella & her Prince.

Maybe you recognize these some of these names; maybe you recognize all of these names. Maybe these were the relationships you watch blossomed in front of you on the silver or tv screen allowing yourself to be indulged in the thought of being in love. To find someone who fits you perfectly in every single way that it seems like it was meant to be. We find ourselves searching for that one person that will share something so pure and true with us. 
How could we not want it? To look deep into someones eyes and be able to understand their thoughts with out saying a single word; it is as if your hearts and souls are communicating. To gravitate towards someones arms so naturally that once your there, it’s as if it is where you should of always been. . To find yourself having the silly smile whenever you talk or around that person, because you know that even if it’s for just a second, they have given you a moment of happiness that will forever be unmatched. 
We want to find that one person whose silly quirks makes our heart skip a beat. Who you can consider as your best friend, can make you laugh when no one else can,  can make you feel special even when you feel worthless, and who loves you for who you are and sees your ‘flaws’  as part of what makes you beautiful. They make you brave with the feeling of invincibility as long as they are by your side. They make you into a better person.
And even though this one person makes you feel vulnerable as you give the entirety of your heart to them, you’re not truly afraid that they will steal it or break it, because you trust them that they will protect it till their last breath as you would with theirs. 

Maybe you have this already, maybe one day you will. Just never give up on love. 

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