26 April, 2012

Holiday Yeay!

National Exam : over

it's now time for a longg loonggg holiday! yeay yeay!

oho holiday... that means..

wearing pajama all day
(look at the emo, "I'm FABULOUS" it said haha)

movie everyday
(Amélie, love this movie! XD)

Tumblr Scroll-Reblog~

 more food more food more more food

 game everyday!
*anyway my favorite game for now is K-ON!
It's because I recently watch the anime
I like every character on this anime, they're very funny and refreshing :3
(screenshot from my PSP)

and I replaying Dissidia Duodecim
my favorite character is Vaan from Final Fantasy XII
Such a brave, kind and handsome young man

Oh holiday.. Oh lazy day

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