14 April, 2012

What I Did Lately..

Yeah.. Nothing much.. :p

I bought an analog camera (Lomo Aquapix - it can take a photo in water!), kinda old fashioned eh?
But I really like it~ X)


me and my friend participated on school event, it called Easter Miniature

actually it's a contest (with other classes) and we're not really prepared at all hahaha
we collected unused items like carton, pen with no ink, box and lace paper from snack that we had from school before the event get set up.
and the concept of miniature just slip by as we started
this was the result:

I made the dough stuff (for coloring, we use poster paint), 
it was very easy I learned it from YouTube! :D *thanks to internet*
but we didn't win and that's okay~


Next Monday I will face the examination week again.
But, this gonna be the very final examination for my Senior High School life.
Final year of high school.
Oh I hope everything will be okay!
(In fact.. I'm a little nervous.. hehehe)
Good luck for me! Good luck for you!

(Okay.. Give ya random pics! XD)

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